IESNA reveals 2010 Progress Report

If you’re in the lighting business, you know that around this time each year, the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) recognizes the best products and manufacturers with its Progress Report labels. Only those brands that have made significant technological advances in the past year are awarded the product-specific distinction.

The 2010 IESNA Progress Report was just released, and Progress Lighting is honored to be one of the recognized manufacturers.

So which one of our products earned us the award? Our one-of-a-kind P8022 LED surface mount downlight. Here’s what won over the judges:

  • P8022 has light output and distribution that rivals that of typical 65W BR30 incandescents, but at less than 12W of input power.
  • The fixture is ideal for single and multi-family applications such as utility and general illumination.
  • P8022 can be considered as an option to recessed, and as a surface mount product, there is no requirement to accommodate the fire rating of floor/ceiling assemblies as with recessed.

Please join us in celebrating our 2010 Progress Report label, and congratulations to all of the great manufacturers and products that were included this year!

You can view the full 2010 IESNA Progress Report here.

P8022 LED downlight

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