Incandescent bulbs: The debate continues

If the incandescent light bulb “ban” wasn’t confusing enough for consumers, there’s a new push to stop funding for the legislation.¬†A debate over whether the government can require manufacturers to sell energy-saving lights is expected to reignite.

Last year, Rep. Michael Burgess of Texas successfully pushed to stop the Energy Department from using taxpayer dollars to enforce a law requiring light bulbs to become more efficient – and plans to offer an amendment this year to extend that ban.

Many manufacturers have already planned on meeting the new standards, but if the incandescent “ban” isn’t funded, it won’t be consistently enforced – and could stunt further progress in making light bulbs more efficient.

What are your thoughts on the incandescent phase-out – and the measures being taken to stop its enforcement? We’d love to hear your thoughts and questions.

Source: E&E Daily

UPDATE (July 6, 2012): We have recently learned of consumer-driven initiatives to educate others on the incandescent phase-out and government product regulation. We ¬†recommend reading the Freedom Light Bulb blog to learn more about the different arguments and perspectives. Let’s continue the conversation by sharing additional thoughts in the Comments section.

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