Introducing the Greening of Greenville LED Streetlight Pilot

We have always been proud of our hometown of Greenville. We are in the Upstate of South Carolina, a beautiful part of the southeast and a hub for innovation and urban design.

When Greenville’s downtown was redesigned 30 years ago, an extensive tree canopy, on-street parking and wide pedestrian walkways were developed. Part of the plan also included streetlights that were grouped on matching black poles. The fixtures used mercury bulbs and lacked many of today’s modern innovations, including photocell technology to shut fixtures off during daylight.  Mercury bulbs have since been phased out and the original fixtures are no longer manufactured.

To reflect the spirit of innovation and Greenville’s vision for the future, Hubbell Lighting, our parent company, has partnered with Duke Energy and GE for the LED Streetlight Pilot. New LED streetlights will allow for quick upgrades or replacements by just updating a circuit board.  These lights are between 30% and 60% more energy efficient than other sources and also produce a white light.

Hubbell has deployed four different LED pedestrian light styles in a one-block area, which are expected to be installed in September 2011. We have heard of other communities adding LED technology to their streets, and we are excited to play a role in bringing innovation to our neck of the woods.

The LED Streetlight Pilot is one of several programs underway as part of the “Greening of Greenville” initiative. To read more about the program, check out the website.

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