Landscape Lighting 101 (part 1)

With spring and warmer weather just around the corner, now is the right time to start preparing the outdoor spaces of your home for relaxing and entertaining. In this three part blog series, we’ll look at the goals, design principles and purchasing tips every homeowner should keep in mind when planning their landscape lighting.

Landscape lighting can make a property shine in more ways than one. With proper planning, lighting can help create a usable and safe outdoor space, and also complement a home’s exterior.

There are several reasons for choosing to light a home’s landscape – both practical and aesthetic. When determining where to place landscape lights, consider the following goals:

  • Security – Broaden light levels and dull brightness to allow visibility in both lit and unlit areas of the landscape and to deter intruders.
  • Safety – Properly lighting walkways, stairs, pond areas and other tripping hazards helps ensure a safe passage indoors.
  • Usability – Areas that are frequently used after nightfall, such as a deck or patio, should be appropriately lit with fixtures that complement the structure.
  • Aesthetics – Consider the visual experience of guests and light focal points to bring out the beauty of the property.

For our readers planning to revamp your home’s outdoor spaces this year, how important is lighting to the overall experience? What other projects do you have planned for your landscapes, decks and patios?

Source: Landscape & Hardscape Design-Build

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