Landscape Lighting 101 (Part 3) – and Outdoor Lighting Giveaway!

In the third and final segment of our Landscape Lighting 101 blog series, we’ll explore important points to consider when you’re ready to purchase lighting fixtures.

Selection and placement of landscape lighting is crucial to achieving the desired overall look. However, a common mistake is to focus entirely on this process – and not on the overall lighting system.

Here are five points to keep in mind when purchasing lighting:

  • Plan for long-term function.
  • Account for energy cost.
  • Plan for consistent voltage.
  • Account for bulb replacement costs.
  • When purchasing a transformer, allow the option of adding additional lighting in the future.

With these last tips in mind, we would love to hear about your successes and challenges in lighting the outside of your home. What additional questions do you have? Do you have advice to share from your landscape lighting experience?

In addition, we invite you to share photos from your home’s landscape that needs new or additional lighting. Between now and Friday, March 23, 2012, submit your photos in our Outdoor Lighting Giveaway!

After the submission period, our judges will choose one winner of a lantern series (3 fixtures) from our Westport collection and one winner of two Mission landscape fixtures. We can’t wait to see your submissions!

You could win three fixtures from our Westport outdoor collection!

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