LED Lighting Tips from Kelly at Wolseley Studio

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LED Lighting Tips from Kelly at Wolseley Studio

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“A big reason why I have the position I do is I love to educate people on lighting.”

–Kelly Inglis, Wolseley Studio

We recently highlighted Kelly Inglis, from Wolseley Studio, who shared her experience in specifying Progress Lighting’s high performance LED step lights over the years.

Because educating consumers on lighting design trends and technology is important to Kelly, we wanted to share a few other thoughts she had on the subject of LED fixtures:

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Pay attention to color temperature in your lighting design
“Mid-century modern lighting with vintage bulbs is on trend now. But so is LED. I’ve noticed a transition that’s occurred over the last five years where people are mixing LED, incandescent and halogen sources in the same lighting scheme. This can result in a variety of tones and colors, depending on the color temperature of each lamp. At Wolseley, I always talk to the customer to understand their environment, meaning what their viewing angle is or what they see in their sightline from a certain position.
It’s O.K. to buy what you like, but it’s important to keep in mind how color temperature affects a viewing angle. For example, if you look at the foyer, dining room and kitchen all at once, you’ll want to ensure that the color temperature is consistent across all that’s visible in the same space. This eliminates a weird color mess up front, which is a personal design faux pas for me.”

Lean on experts for service and guidance
“At Wolseley, we encounter people coming in who are confused by all the LED options out there. Or, maybe they’ve had a bad experience from an LED product in the past. The prices, the performance and the technical details all range from manufacturer to manufacturer. It can get confusing!
By providing great service, we guide people in making the best choices for their budget and lifestyle. If someone needs help deciphering all that’s out there, it’s best to get an expert opinion on the subject.”

Don’t go 100% LED just yet
“I love the LED technology but don’t think we’re at a point where a lighting design needs to include an “all LED approach.

Incandescent sources create mood, shadows and drama – all of which contribute to a cozy environment. Halogen and incandescent sources still play a valuable role in lighting rooms, especially dining rooms, with warm color. If a dining room featured a flat, uniform lighting scheme, you’d lose the sparkle or ‘the fire’ as I like to call it.”

Have questions for Kelly or Progress Lighting? Let us know – we’d love to continue the conversation.

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