Lighting Fixtures 101: Lampshades

Lighting fixtures for the home are now available in any size and for any decor preference and placement in a room. Confused about the terminology for various types of fixtures? We’ve borrowed information from Better Homes and Gardens’ Lighting magazine to help “shed light” on your options!

Lampshades are a decorative option ideal for adding personality and softening illumination to many light fixtures. There are five popular options:

  • Hard lampshades feature a plastic liner covered with a glued-on material, and can be used on any lamp in any decorating style.
  • Soft lampshades are similar to hard shades, but feature a solid-color liner with a more decorative outer shell attached with either thread or tape.
  • Drum, cylinder or oval shades are available in sizes ranging from miniature to oversized. They work well with contemporary or transitional decorating.
  • Floor, empire, bell or coolie shades are typically narrower at the top with varying shapes, and a very flexible in decorating use.
  • Geometric lampshades feature a square, rectangular or another shape, with sides matching. They have a regular width, sometimes with a slight slant from top to bottom, and are a good match for contemporary accents.

What are your favorite lampshade shapes and designs?

The Nisse chandelier features a rich off-white silken fabric oval shade

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