Lighting by room: Bathroom

In our new “Lighting by room” blog series, we borrow ideas and tips from the most recent issue of Better Homes & Gardens’ Lighting magazine – while offering suggestions for lighting fixtures from our own collections. Enjoy!

Bedrooms have the ability to be both practical-minded and beautiful retreats. Properly illuminating your bedroom can help create a relaxing, comfortable and romantic atmosphere.

Lighting magazine advises resisting the urge to choose dark lampshades, which can make the bedroom feel gloomy, or direct overhead lighting, which can be jarring and disruptive. Instead, use shades that diffuse the light, as well as lower lumen light bulbs. If bright light is occasionally needed, add additional fixtures throughout the room to compensate.

Bedroom spaces are perfect for taking advantage of natural sunlight during daytime hours, but for other times of the day light layers should be considered.

  • Chandeliers can serve as a great source of overall light. The use of multiple bulbs and lightly toned shades help diffuse illumination across the room.
  • If your bedroom has an entry to the outdoors, task lighting by the doorway is essential. Task lighting will not only add to the style of your space, but will also provide illumination for safe entry.
  • Sconces that push light up and down should be considered to provide both task and accent light.

Design Tip: If you’re unsure about mixing and matching light fixtures, start with families of light, such as our Savannah collection, pictured right. Using the same fixture family helps guide your design and offers many options in size, too.

Whether it’s sleeping, dressing, reading or relaxing – well-designed lighting is essential. Do you have proper lighting in your bedroom?

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