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In our new “Lighting by room” blog series, we borrow ideas and tips from the most recent issue of Better Homes & Gardens’ Lighting magazine – while offering suggestions for lighting fixtures from our own collections. Enjoy!

Thanks to the beauty and functionality of bathroom illumination, you have the ability to see yourself in a whole new light. We can all agree well-lit spaces help you groom, dress and bathe a little better.

When choosing the right amount of light for your bathroom, focus on the bulb’s color temperature. You want something that is going to flatter your skin tone and help you wake up and attend to grooming tasks. Bulbs providing bright white light that’s at least 3,500 degrees Kelvin are recommended.

Design Tip: Not a morning person? Try accent lights that shine from behind a mirror for soft illumination that’s less startling in the morning.

Bath lighting tends to create a more intimate feeling when paired with dark color schemes, while bright white creates a more open and airy atmosphere.

Light Layers

  • Sconces offer the perfect amount of task lighting when placed at face height, flanking mirrors above the sink. Installed on separate switches, sconces can also supply accent lighting for overhead fixtures.
  • Taller sconces are ideal for dressing tables. The bigger and brighter fixtures provide illumination helpful for accomplishing specific grooming tasks.
  • Small recessed fixtures are used to complete the room’s overall light. For more flexibility, install different groupings of recessed cans on different switches with dimming capabilities.

Properly illuminating your bathroom helps maximize beauty and functionality. Does your bath space accommodate your lighting needs?

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