Lighting by room: Kitchen

In our new “Lighting by room” blog series, we borrow ideas and tips from the most recent issue of Better Homes & Gardens’ Lighting magazine – while offering suggestions for lighting fixtures from our own collections. Enjoy!

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces to properly illuminate because it is often the busiest room in the home. While the kitchen may seem like just a work area, proper lighting instillations can turn this area into so much more.

Pendants have become popular choices for kitchen lighting due to their versatility. These fixtures typically have an adjustable stem that enables you to change the distance between the light and the work surface. The ideal height for pendants above an island is 28-34 inches and 28-32 inches above a table.

Design tip: A single pendant fixture with a drum shade provides more pull as a focal point. Multiple drum-shade pendants tend to blend more into the background.

To get the most out of your kitchen, layered lighting should be considered. Here are a few suggestions for fixtures to “mix it up” in your kitchen.

  • In-cabinet lights supply accent lighting, which enhances the look of the room. If cabinet shelves are glass, one fixture at the top should suffice; for solid shelves, try one under each shelf.
  • Under-cabinet lights and range hood lights offer task light to the countertop section of the wall.
  • Recessed cans are ideal for overall light and can be chosen to match a color scheme to add additional style.
  • If one chandelier doesn’t supply enough illumination, consider including two or three particularly small-scale versions over a large work surface for task light.
Progress Lighting’s Bay Court pendants provide the perfect amount of accent lighting over this kitchen island.

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