Lighting by room: Outdoors

We’re all looking for tips and ideas that help us enjoy our outdoor spaces as much as our indoor ones. The simple solution is to use lighting to enhance safety, ambience and enjoyment of your landscape.

As you choose fixtures for safety and beauty, it’s important to consider how you turn those fixtures on and off. Because some lights will be used more than others, install as many as you can on individual controls, and include dimmers for more options.

Task lighting, on the other hand, will do the hard work of guiding footsteps outside. They can also add accent by defining the edges of flowerbeds and interesting features. Here’s how layers of light can help:

  • A series of step lights will offer plenty of task lighting for safe passage up and down stairs
  • Accent lights enhance the textural interest of plants and shrubs
  • Sconces alongside doors and windows direct overall light both upward and downward, eliminating distracting glare.

Summer is the perfect time of year to enjoy the outdoor areas of your home. What are your lighting goals and challenges for illuminating these spaces?

Source: Better Homes and Gardens – Lighting 2013

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