Lighting Controls 2.0

How would you like to come home at night to a lit house without leaving the lights on the entire time while you were out?  If you love the idea as much as we do, be happy to know that solution is here, as we read in Residential Lighting’s September 2011 issue.

Today’s consumer has the ability to control everything by the simple click of a button and even not by any button at all.  Wireless Internet has opened the doors for communication to anyone or anything around the world, including your house.
Developers have successfully created software where consumers can turn their lights on and even adjust their thermostat temperature before they arrive home via their mobile devices.  This way when they walk in their house, lights are already on and the temperature is perfect to welcome them comfortably.

Innovations in lighting controls and dimmers are giving consumers the option to control their entire house lighting systems from work or travel.  And this isn’t just for the mega-mansion.  These cutting-edge technologies are scalable to each consumer’s individual needs, allowing these exciting products to span across multiple markets.

Check out Lutron’s newest iPad and iPhone app shown above.

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