Lighting Fixtures 101: Ceiling Lighting

Lighting fixtures for the home are now available in any size and for any decor preference and placement in a room. Confused about the terminology for various types of fixtures? We’ve borrowed information from Better Homes and Gardens’ Lighting magazine to “shed light” on your options!

Ceiling fixtures are one of the most popular options for providing general illumination in a room or corridor. There are seven options:

  • Flush mount fixtures closely hug the ceiling, and are a good choice when an understated or slim silhouette is needed.
  • Dropped fixtures include a shade and light source suspended from the ceiling from a short stem. This design becomes a visible element in the room.
  • Chandeliers are suspended from a longer stem or center point, with large central elements and tiers. These fixtures work in virtually any type of space and come in a range of sizes.
  • Recessed cans are installed up in the ceiling. When used in multiples, they are good for generating a lot of light throughout a room.
  • Pendants hang from a longer stem with a single light source, often covered by a shade. A pair or trio of pendants work well over a work space, such as a kitchen island.
  • Ceiling fans offer both air movement and optional overhead light, for use in hot or cold weather. They are perfect in a variety of rooms; newer, smaller fans even work in closets.
  • Track lighting features adjustable mini lights that run along a straight or curved track – great for accenting artwork or hall ways.

How do you incorporate different types of ceiling lighting fixtures to illuminate your home?

Bingo is a statement-making ceiling fixture

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