Lighting Fixtures 101: Chandeliers

Lighting fixtures for the home are now available in any size and for any decor preference and placement in a room. Confused about the terminology for various types of fixtures? We’ve borrowed information from Better Homes & Gardens’ Lighting magazine to “shed light” on your options!

Chandeliers are dramatic lighting fixtures that add personality and functional illumination to a room. There are five types of chandeliers to choose:

  • Compact/mini styles are great for smaller spaces, such as a laundry room or closet. Newer version come as a small as 9 inches tall.
  • Downlight chandeliers are best suited for rooms with lower ceilings. A shade or other element on the fixture directs light down.
  • Uplight, on the other hand, directs light towards the ceiling. This fixture is ideal for eliminating shadows in large or soaring areas, including two-story height entryways.
  • Candelabra styles holds candle-like lights (and sometimes lampshades) in multiple tiers. These are great for traditionally-designed spaces.
  • Drum chandeliers are a good match for rooms with clean lines. A circular cover shields the light.

Which chandelier styles are ideal for the favorite rooms of your home?

Progress Lighting's Orbitz chandelier features shades that can be directed up or down.

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