Lighting Fixtures 101: Wall Sconces

Lighting fixtures for the home are now available in any size and for any decor preference and placement in a room. Confused about the terminology for various types of fixtures? We’ve borrowed information from Better Homes and Gardens’ Lighting magazine to help “shed light” on your options!

The beauty of wall lighting is that, along with providing ambient illumination, fixtures may also serve as art and coordinate with decor. There are seven options when choosing wall lighting for the home.

Miniature sconces are downsized wall lighting. These are great for closets, and several fixtures clustered together work in smaller rooms such as laundry.

Swing Arm wall lights are great when there’s no space for a side table or nightstand. The arm of the light moves in, out, down and up.

Outdoor sconces come in a variety of styles to fit any lighting goal or decor.

Sconces work everywhere from hallways to living rooms. The bulb is hidden by a shade and mounted on the wall, with light directed up or down.

Multi-light Sconces are mostly found in bathrooms and feature two or more bulbs.

Picture Lights are designed to illuminate photos, paintings or other wall art. Light is directed off a short stem, with a longer bulb to accent artwork. The fixtures can be hard-wired or worked off a switch.

Track Lighting is great for accenting a bigger stretch of wall or for an unusual light source. The movable track fixtures are typically used on ceilings but can be placed on a wall vertically or horizontally.

Progress Lighting's unique Bingo fixtures provide functional illumination while serving as wall art.

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