Lighting showrooms: How do you manage energy use?

We talk about the benefits of LEDs, CFLs and other energy efficient sources all the time in the lighting industry. But how can efficiency be maintained in a lighting showroom, where hundreds – maybe even thousands – of lamps and fixtures are lit on the sales floor? The September issue of Residential Lighting explores this topic in the article “Power Play.”

Lighting showrooms give customers a chance to look, feel, evaluate and compare each product – a benefit over online retailers. But with the power burden to keep the lights running and maintain a comfortable temperature, the advantage can come with a hefty price tag.

Many showrooms are discovering lighting control systems to help keep energy consumption and air conditioning costs in check. These systems operate by limiting the number of fixtures that can be illuminated at any given time, and may also help showrooms cut down on maintenance time and costs.

In addition, controlling the number of fixtures lit at any given time may help easily overwhelmed customers concentrate on one product at a time.

For those of you in the showroom business, are you using lighting control systems? If so, what benefits have you seen in your store?

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