Lighting Tips for the Bathroom

Bathrooms are more than just functional spaces; they can express a homeowner’s design style just as well as any other room in the house. Lighting is an essential décor element, and we have a range of styles to fulfill your needs for both form and function in the bath. Here’s how to choose the best combinations of fixtures to fit your design aesthetic while providing optimal light for the room.

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Light layering is a must in the bathroom: when making your lighting choices, make sure to include three layers of light to distribute light evenly while enhancing the beauty and functionality of the space.

The first layer, ambient light, is the general light that comes from overhead lighting such as recessed, flush mounts, or natural daylight from windows or skylights, The second layer is task lighting, necessary for daily grooming activities like applying makeup or shaving. Task lighting typically comes from bath vanity bars and wall sconces. The third layer is accent lighting, which highlights the bathroom’s architectural features and décor and is cast from cove or soffit lighting, sconces, and decorative pendants and chandeliers.

While selecting the correct bathroom lighting can seem overwhelming, we have a few tips to make the process easier.

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Begin with the ambient light layer. Consider room’s size; if it is large, you may want to add a center flush mount or decorative chandelier or pendant to provide general lighting. A smaller bath may require less lighting, and windows and recessed can lights are perfect for providing general lighting. If you have a separate tub area, consider accentuating the space with a gorgeous chandelier (make sure it is damp or wet rated) to do double-duty, providing both ambient light and beautiful accent lighting for the room.


Next, select task lighting. Begin by measuring your vanity mirror and cabinet length. It’s important to keep proportion in mind. For a light above the mirror, choose a fixture that does not exceed your vanity width. For lights placed above the mirror, the fixture’s width should be at least 1/3 the width of the vanity mirror but should never exceed its total width. For bath vanities with two sinks with a mirror above each, mount two separate fixtures, one above each sink.


One of the latest trends is positioning fixtures on both sides of the mirror. Not only does it look great, but it’s also the best way to provide shadow-free lighting for the face. Place them, ideally, at least 28 inches apart and centered at 60 inches above the floor.

Finally, consider the light output of the fixtures. For sconces or pendants on either side of a mirror, two 60-watt bulbs provide plenty of illumination for daily grooming tasks. Or choose a light with a dimmable integrated LED light source inside the fixture, which provides the optimal amount of light in a long-lasting, sustainable form.

We offer a range of bathroom lighting selections to fit our fourteen lifestyle design trends. Shop our large selection of bath bar lights that provide bright, even light, are offered in various lengths and 1 to 4 lights, along with our selection of accent and ambient lighting for the bath.

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