Meet Marque

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Meet Marque

Meet Marque – a statement fixture from Progress Lighting’s Design Series. The main source of inspiration for this stunning fixture was structural steel architecture- think skyscrapers, towers, and bridges!

In addition to built structures, the Marque design was influenced by the faceted and geometric patterns that is increasingly seen in today’s art, interiors, fashion, and graphic design.

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But how do you get from inspiration to being
featured in The New American Home?

The initial sketch for this fixture featured an X pattern frame with an apex at the cross point.

The basic outer truss idea was the core of the design, but it quickly evolved into an elongated tapered form with a vertically asymmetrical cross pattern.

From rough thumbnail sketches, the designer builds the frame’s elements using 3D software.

A computer model served as a rotatable dynamic “sketch” that allowed the product designer, James Thomas, to work out the proportions and refine the intersection details.

The end result: A fixture that features an open feel, with a functional center core and a lighter truss-like outer frame to define the shape.

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