Mother’s Day | How has your mother inspired you?

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We are incredibly inspired by our design partners. They seem to have an endless amount of creativity, enthusiasm and motivation! As we gear up to celebrate Mother’s Day, we thought it would be fun to share how their mothers have inspired some of our interior design friends – to fuel their passion for success. Today, we’ll hear from 3 of our designer partners – we hope you enjoy!

“Growing up, I never knew that you could use any other color in a home except blue. My grandmother had neutral cream paint on the walls in her home and used various tones of blue as accents. I will never forget eating dinner on her blue Wedgewood plates. In the 60s, my mother painted our kitchen cabinets turquoise blue and except for a slight detour to gold/avocado in the 70s, (didn’t everyone do that?) it’s been all-blue-all-the-time in her home. And the blue has found its way into all of the places I’ve lived since I left home. I branch out a bit now to include accents such as pink or green but overall, blue makes me feel happy, comfortable and sedate.”
– Gwynne Liebl, Beazer Homes Design Studio Manager

“My mother had a huge influence on me – always had a beautiful, well-kept house. She was a schoolteacher and didn’t have a lot of money, but had great taste. She inspired me to entertain, was always having parties and people over for dinner. Most people try to have their whole house done before having people over, but it’s more about what you serve! Set up a nice bar with a creative themed drink or get carry out if you can’t cook. Clean your kitchen and bathrooms and don’t worry about the rest. Focus on areas where people will be hanging out most and guests will have a great time.”
Vicki Payne, DIY Expert and Host of PBS’ For Your Home
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Robin Wilson told us about how her mother and grandmother have inspired her in so many different ways.

“My mother and grandmother inspired me. I love that women in my life have been businesswomen, caregivers of homes, and have balanced it all with educating and nurturing their children.” – Robin Wilson, Robin Wilson Home
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[su_row] [su_column size=”1/1″] Stay tuned for the second part of our series later this week, when we’ll hear from a couple more of our designer partners!
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