One Fixture, Four Ways: Equinox

The versatile Equinox light fixture in your home's decor

Orbs and circular fixtures are at the top of the list of today’s trending lighting designs – which explains why Equinox is one of our most-loved families. But we’re learning that it’s not just it’s distinctive rings and memorable shape that makes this fixture so attractive to designers and homeowners. We are constantly amazed by the applications of our designer partners, which has left us wondering, could Equinox by one of our most versatile collections?

Lighting designer James Thomas chose Equinox as one of his favorite creations for that very reason. “I have seen these fixtures placed in all types of interiors from modern to rustic traditional, so I am happy to see that the design has widespread appeal and is not defined by a single category,” said James.

And James is certainly right! Here are just a handful of the beautiful ways Equinox can be used throughout the home.

Toll Brothers sunroom featuring the Progress Lighting Equinox pendant.
Gather round! Our large Equinox pendant invites guests in and unifies your favorite living spaces. Loving this application from Toll Brothers!

Ryland Homes bathroom featuring Progress Lighting Equinox pendant
Turn your master bath into an area of luxurious relaxation with a striking pendant above the tub. Ryland Homes designed this bathroom beautifully.
Project completed by Mary DeWalt Design Group featuring Progress Lighting Equinox pendants.
Why have one pendant when you can create a stunning spectacle with three? Mary DeWalt Design Group masters contemporary beauty in this dining room setting with Equinox.
Country chic kitchen featuring Progress Lighting Equinox pendant
Equinox can even be used in country chic interiors, and is perfect above a quaint kitchen nook.

Where would you put your Equinox fixture?

Plus – we couldn’t help but share this sneak peek from nationally acclaimed designer Possibilities for Design. This Toll Brothers model home in Fort Collins has a striking two-story entry, now installed with three Equinox chandeliers. What a sight these designs create when hung high!

Equinox pendants by Progress LightingEquinox pendants by Progress Lighting

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