One Fixture, Four Ways: Bingo

One of our most uniquely versatile collections, Bingo offers endless design possibilities with the ability to double as a beautiful source of illumination as well as an eye-catching piece of wall art. Replace the distressed mirror surfaces with luxurious fabrics, cherished photos or other materials to complement your style. A source of modern charm (that is certain to spawn cheerful conversation) – take a look at some ways we have applied this one-of-a-kind fixture in 4 different ways.

1. Make it pop with a bold, bright pattern.

Select fabrics with a stand-out pattern to turn this fixture into a playful piece.

2. Keep it soft and subtle with distressed accents.

With the option to customize, the original Bingo design features distressed mirror accents and a neutral palette making it easy to coordinate with other room decor.

3. Turn it sideways to fit new spaces.

Flip the Bingo fixture on its side to create a focal piece in tighter areas, such as on a wall column.

4. Try it two-toned.

Pair neutral inserts with pops of color – such as a lively orange to greet guests in your entryway – for a new look.

View the full Bingo collection.

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