Our Top Interior Trends for 2020

During this holiday season, we’re celebrating with twelve days of inspiring design ideas. Check out our social media posts every day on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter as we define the style behind our favorite interior trends!

Last week we explained the basics of the Bohemian, Farmhouse, Traditional, Luxe, Rustic, and Modern Mountain design styles. Let’s take a look at the rest:

Coastal style brings your home right to the ocean side with beach-inspired accents, organic furnishings, and an overall relaxed feel. Soft throw blankets, pillows, cozy rugs, and cushioned furniture in soft beachy hues pairs with an all-white color palette in Coastal rooms. Seek out dark or weathered wood pieces for furniture, and bring lanterns inside for lighting that emulates a seaside environment nestled nicely by the shore.

The Modern Craftsman style home mixes and matches elements from Transitional and Farmhouse trends with Craftsman elements, resulting in a softer, more modern design style. Bright, open-concept spaces are tied together visually with finely crafted trim details such as wainscoting on the walls. Gray or white Shaker cabinets and simple subway tiles are found in the kitchen while handcrafted furniture pairs with cozy textures and neutral colors throughout the space.

Mid-Century Modern
Quirky and functional, Mid-Century Modern decor is gravitating toward a cleaner, more minimalist look through the incorporation of a neutral palette and softer accent colors. Mid-Century Modern homes are characterized mainly by the use of glass to create a sense of connection to nature and the outdoors. Sputnik-style and geometric lighting contributes a retro look, along with furniture in unique shapes.

Modern interiors showcase sleek design through neutral shades, a minimalism approach, and the use of glass in lighting and accessories.  Lighting has clean lines and curves. New technological innovations are integrated throughout the home, such as voice-activated devices and remote-controlled light dimmers.

New Traditional
New Traditional décor is timeless but allows for a little fun and youthfulness to keep the style fresh. Add approachable touches to formal rooms with furniture in a classic shape but simpler lines. Feel free to mix and match different finishes, such as light and dark wood stains in furniture and accessories, and different color metals in lighting. Light, airy colors accented with a vibrant pop of color make the New Traditional room feel open and spacious.

The Transitional interior design style contrasts the warmth of Traditional with the brightness of Contemporary trends. Furniture pieces have crisp profiles and straightforward style, cleverly combining curves with straight lines. Use tone-on-tone palettes, textured materials, and warm neutrals like beige, ivory, and tan to create a serene atmosphere. Lighting is clean-lined, simple, and often incorporates wood accents.

Urban Industrial
Urban Industrial decor preserves the historic elements of a building by highlighting its stripped-back, architectural details like bare or painted bricks, exposed beams, and visible pipes that accent high ceilings. Lighting is utilitarian, with common elements of exposed bulbs, wire cages, rivets, and spun metal shades. Furniture is simple in shape, hardwearing, comfortable, and often constructed of warm, distressed wood with authentic touches of wear and tear.

Vintage Electric
Vintage Electric décor combines warehouse elements with antique materials, sleek metal accents and pops of color that add warmth and soft beauty to an otherwise industrial style. High ceilings and exposed brick give a casual look to the space. Furniture has a clean and modern design and is often accented with metal. Lighting has retro industrial details of cords, pulleys, and exposed bulb sockets that hold filament style bulbs.

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