Out with the Old

Renovating a room can be a huge undertaking, unless you consider only updating a few pieces in the space. When you choose the right furniture and accessories to add or replace, you can have the same effect – but for less money and effort than a full overhaul.

Lighting fixtures are one way to change the look of the room without committing to an extensive project. The 2011 issue of Lighting, a Better Homes and Gardens special interest publication, offers a few great tips on how to update the look of a room by simply changing the lighting.

  • Get rid of the brass. This finish on fixtures was popular – 20 years ago. Brass is a sure signal that lighting is outdated.
  • Replace outdated glass. Housings grow old and tired, and a fixture’s glass can, too. Ask your lighting showroom about replacing large panels of glass with shades.
  • Forgo a chandelier for a few pendants over a dining table. If a room’s aesthetic allows, you can even mix pendant shades – different colors of glass, for example, or different shapes of glass in the same color.

These few simple steps can refresh the way you light the rooms in your home and give the space an updated look. Check out a few Progress Lighting fixtures below that can refresh a variety of home settings.

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