Outdoor kitchens get more sophisticated

As our friends at Kitchen and Bath Design News explain, outdoor kitchens have long been popular in warm weather climates – and are increasingly turning up in homes across the country as a way to expand the kitchen and entertaining space, without having to expand the footprint of a home.

These spaces are also becoming more sophisticated, with upscale grilling appliances, all-weather cabinetry, patio heaters, lighting, refrigeration and ice makers, countertops and even prep sinks and dishwashers.

Below are some of the hottest trends in outdoor kitchens today:

  • Outdoor kitchens are seeing growing interest, both because they provide expanded kitchen space without having to alter the existing kitchen, and because they have proven to be a good investment that offers high returns upon house appraisal.
  • A far cry from just the basic backyard barbecue, today’s outdoor kitchen spaces increasingly include not only a high-end grill, but weatherproof cabinetry, prep space, refrigerator drawers and ice machines, lighting and sometimes a prep sink, patio heater or fire pit.
  • Because it is seen as a central entertaining area, outdoor kitchens seem to be getting larger in size and more detailed in terms of accessories.
  • One hot trend in outdoor kitchens is replicating the style and features of the indoor kitchen in the outdoor space, creating greater continuity between the indoors and outdoors.
  • Outdoor cooking centers are also becoming more involved, with side burners, warming drawers, griddle heads and even pizza ovens being incorporated into the cooking area.
  • The industry seems to be putting a greater emphasis on aesthetics, while concentrating on fit, finish and quality of the product.

Do you have any insight or suggestions to add about this growing trend?

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