Path Lighting Basics: 5 tips to enhance outdoor safety and security

Path Lighting Safety Tips

Pathway lighting is an essential way to welcome friends and family members to your home. Not only do path lights greatly enhance safety by illuminating dark walkways that could lead to hazardous falls, they are an easy way to improve curb appeal. When selecting the perfect outdoor path lights, be sure to follow these quick and easy tips for an outdoor lighting solution that will be both beautiful and functional.

  1. Get your height right. To achieve a nice warm glow, path fixtures should be installed about 14 inches high.
  2. Define your edges. For the best safety lighting, place lights about one foot from one or both sides of the path.
  3. Ditch the bargain bin. Consider the make-up of your fixtures (not just the price tag). Fixtures with a glass lens, sturdy construction and weather-resistant finish are essential for long-term use. A powder coated finish has been proven to withstand harsher elements.
  4. Choose LED. The future of pathway lighting belongs to LED sources. LED bulbs burn cool and reduce power consumption by as much as 75 percent. These sources live significantly longer than traditional lights.
  5. Stay warm. Keep in mind that the warmth, measured in kelvins (K), will vary from one product to the next and greatly affects the visual appeal of the exterior of your home. Fixtures with a color temperature of 3000K will provide a nice warm, inviting glow for your outdoor lights.

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