Pinterest: A priceless resource for homebuilders

Pinterest, the social networking site that allows users to share photos by “pinning” them on categorized boards, can be quite a valuable tool for homebuilders. As a visual platform highly trusted and used by women, the site offers easy access to a target market willing to share their home development desires.  Here are some quick comments from a recent article, Pinterest for New-Home Sales, which highlights why Pinterest may be the best new social resource for homebuilders.

Pinterest’s target audience correlates with the home building market – Pinterest hit 11 million unique monthly visitors earlier this year. From those visitors, 97% are women, with an exceptionally strong presence of women aged 18-34 – a homebuilder’s target market. A recent poll also revealed that women trust recommendations made on Pinterest more than any other social media site on the web.

A photo really is worth 1,000 words– People are consuming so much information online daily and Pinterest offers a new way for people to gather information and communicate. Instead of reading a 300-word blog post, users can access and share what they like in a visual and less time-consuming manner.

Pinterest’s ultra-visual format allows for quick brand advertising – Photos that highlight beautiful design are particularly popular on Pinterest, which presents a great opportunity for builders to position their brand with sought-after design.

Design and product photos can illustrate a lifestyle – Creating product photos to illustrate a particular lifestyle presents an opportunity for builders to tell the story of living in a given home or community. Homebuilders can reach out to their target market by creating specific boards that cater to a particular market segment.

Use caution to avoid copyright issues – Because Pinterest is so dependent on photography, builders must be cautious of copyright issues. Instead of re-pinning other people’s pictures, upload pictures that reflect the latest design trends and focus on “liking” and commenting on other people’s pins to drive traffic back to your builder page.

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