Preparing Your Home for Summer

Between the flowers, outdoor activities and warm temperatures, summer offers much to look forward to! With these tips from Richmond American Homes, your living space can be just as ready for summer as you are:

Make sure that all summer equipment is set and ready to go.
Bring out your fans, ice cream makers, barbeque grills and garden hoses, and check for any signs they’re ready for repair or replacement. You don’t want to have equipment failure right before your big block party or movie night on the lawn! This is also a good time to schedule your regular HVAC maintenance, if it’s due.

Put away those cozy sweaters and boots.
Who wants to haul cable knits out of the way when searching for a tank top? Stow the winter wear and take the opportunity to donate anything that wasn’t used this year. Some tactics that can help:

  • Use translucent bins for storage, so you can easily see what’s inside.
  • Need to fit more summer clothes in your closet? Consider getting slimmer hangers for your lighter garments.
  • Use a system that makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for, such as organizing clothing by type (all collared shirts together) or color. You can even use a specific color hanger for each clothing type.
  • Invest in an over-the-door shoe organizer. These are great for keeping track of flip-flops without taking up additional floor space.
  • If you have a lot of accessories, a jewelry organizer helps keep earring sets together and prevents necklaces from getting tangled. Necklace trees are another great option.
  • Browse Pinterest’s abundance of clever organizing ideas!

Stock up on useful summer items.
Sunscreen, hats, sandals, beach chairs—pull them out from wherever they’re hiding in your home and make them accessible at a moment’s notice. If you’re using last year’s sunscreen, be sure to check the expiration date! Make a list of anything you’re missing, and remember to grab fun items like sidewalk chalk, hula-hoops, bubbles and jump ropes if you have little ones to entertain. Be sure to go through your freezer and toss any expired food to make room for icy treats!

Most importantly, get your outdoor spaces ready for summer.
Uncover patio furniture, organize gardening tools and see if your outdoor lighting needs repairs—or a total design refresh! No matter what form your outdoor living space takes (patio, outdoor kitchen, rooftop terrace, lawn, pool or garden), lighting can play a large part in its look, use and even its safety.

  • Outdoor lanterns and lights can highlight key features and amenities, such as a water feature, conversation space, cooking area or bedding plants. These are available in varying sizes, styles and finish options and can serve as a great addition to many environments. Currently popular: casual, industrial and farmhouse inspired fixtures.
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  • Ceiling fans can provide both air circulation and illumination. The experts at Progress Lighting have seen a trend toward bigger fans in smaller outdoor settings to help spread the airflow over a wider area, while also providing a dramatic design statement. But, they also note: When installing a ceiling fan outdoors, building safety codes require that an outdoor ceiling fan with the correct UL approval rating is used, depending on where the fan is installed.
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  • Path lighting helps guests navigate safely through the different parts of your yard.

We hope that these tips will help you and your home get prepared (and excited) for summer! To learn more about Richmond American Homes, visit their website.