Seeing the Light in Tough Times

Even though people may not be building houses like they were a few years ago, the lighting industry is still doing business. American Lighting Association (ALA) Conference keynote speaker Robert Stevenson says showrooms just need to “figure out ways to make it easy for customers to do business with you” in order to keep numbers up. He acknowledges the fact that it may not be the ideal time for the lighting industry, but encourages showrooms to rethink how to get customers to buy. Here are a few of Stevenson’s tips found in the June 2011 issue of  Residential Lighting.

  • Stay focused. Business is still being done, you just have to figure out new ways to get it.
  • Have a subcontractor on staff who can offer services at a lower price than an electrical contractor.
  • Have staff members who can help customers with decorating. Give them ideas. Make their lives easier.
  • Make your staff feel appreciated by allowing them to be involved in the thinking processes or your company. Show them you value their input and opinions.
  • Go through the city records and find people who bought houses 10 years ago and are not able to sell them now. Target those people by reaching out and showing them how they can make their house more appealing to potential buyers.
  • Maintain relationships with customers by getting email addresses and keeping in touch. Figure out ways to get in front of them.

Stevenson ends by saying “in business, there are three words for survival: Prospect. Prospect. Prospect. So rethink how you’re going to get people to buy lighting.”

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