Shining Light on LEDs: Incorporating LEDs into your home design

So far in our “Shining Light on LEDs” blog series, we have covered the basics of LED lighting, as well as the energy saving benefits of these sources. Read on to discover the versatility of LEDs as we uncover the many ways you can incorporate LED lighting into your home design scheme.

Progress Lighting makes switching to LEDs easy by offering a variety of options – from statement decorative fixtures to subtle accent lights. Here are four ways you can use LED lights in your home.

Recessed Lighting

Replacing recessed fixtures with LED sources is an easy way to use LEDs to create beautiful ambient lighting. Check out our previous post on the Basics of Recessed Lighting for tips on choosing and installing recessed fixtures –  from sizing to spacing.

Image courtesy of CalAtlantic Homes (

Accent Lighting

LED sources can add visual interest  to any room of the home through accent illumination. Try using an LED step light along a walkway, stairs or on the side of a kitchen island.

Image featuring Progress Lighting’s LED Step Light

Task Lighting

Consider adding undercabinet lighting to enhance task or work areas. Progress Lighting’s LED undercabinet series, or LED tape light, can be used to brighten kitchen counter spaces and improve functionality.

Undercabinet lighting in the kitchen helps you to easily complete everyday tasks like chopping vegetables or reading a recipe.

Decorative Lighting

With energy efficiency on the rise, more decorative fixtures have begun to incorporate LED sources. For example, the Progress Lighting Bingo collection comes with replaceable LED modules in a bold and beautiful design.

Bingo offers a new facet of customization with the option to replace distressed mirror surfaces with fabrics and other materials.

How have you elected to incorporate LED lighting into your home?

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