Shopping for lighting with Ferguson: How to set yourself up for a successful remodel – Part 2 of 3

Yesterday, we launched our series on “Shopping for Lighting” with input from Ferguson Lighting Manager Bernadette Campbell. If you haven’t had a chance to tune in, we suggest you start with our first post, which offers advice on the most important things to consider before you start shopping for lighting.

As we continue our series, we take a closer look at how to set yourself up for success in creating a lasting lighting design. Today, Bernadette shares important preparation tips for establishing the overall vision for your home.

What should you do to be prepared, before you start shopping for lighting? Is there anything you should bring with you to the store? (i.e. measurements, color swatches, etc.)

Image featuring the Progress Lighting Equinox family
  • Define your style. Bring along magazine photographs, color swatches, paint chips, rug patterns, Houzz Ideabooks or anything else that reflects your vision.
  • Bring all measurements.
  • Consider the functional and decorative purpose of each light source.
  • Think about what you’ll be doing in the room and how lighting will be used. For instance, the lighting needs of a family room where the only function is watching television are different from a room where you may be reading or working on a computer.
  • Schedule an appointment with one of Ferguson’s professional associates. While we welcome you to browse, to receive the full customer service experience, an appointment is recommended.
  • Define the style of your room – is it modern, transitional or traditional? This will help pick a style of light that coordinates with the design of the room and existing finishes.
  • If you are replacing a product or two, or don’t require an expert consultation for your purchase, you can shop online at

Do you have any tips on how to select fixtures that match your distinct decorating style?

What is best for the client generally comes down to their personal taste and specific requirements. It’s our job to ask the correct questions so the fixture of their choice can be sized properly for the space.

How does installation fit into your lighting purchasing decision?

While the look of a light may fit perfectly into your design, it must first fit your home wiring/electrical capabilities and state regulatory codes. Two things to consider:

  • Purchasing materials online without a consultation – Many customers think they can purchase a product online to save money; however, additional parts are often needed or the parts they receive are defective. In the end, they may spend more money and time correcting problems.
  • Using a professional installer – Many times the warranty of a product is extended when a licensed professional completes the installation.

Join us tomorrow as we take a look at this year’s top lighting design trends in our final post with Ferguson.

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