Simple Ways to Make Your Guests Feel at Home

Spring in in full bloom which means some favorite family holidays (Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day) are just around the corner. As you prepare to host guests and family members in your home in the coming weeks, enjoy some tips from our friends over at on how to make your overnight visitors feel comfortable and at ease while staying in your home.

Image courtesy of Kolter Homes featuring Progress Lighting AirPro fan
Image courtesy of Kolter Homes featuring Progress Lighting AirPro fan

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Hospitality is one thing that never goes out of style. We’ve all had that awkward feeling at one time or another: You go over to someone’s home, step inside, and you just feel uncomfortable. I love having people over, and whether my guests are just hanging out for a few hours or they’re staying for a few days, I’ve found a few things that really help make them feel welcome.

Greet them — and then direct them somewhere

Wanting to be polite, a lot of guests may be afraid to just walk right into your home, kick off their shoes, and plop down on your sofa. And the funny thing about that is, it’s probably not only what you want them to do, but what they want to do as well. Help them out by greeting them warmly at the door, then offering them some directions like, “Come on in and put your shoes on the mat if you’d like to take them off, otherwise feel free to leave them on! Let’s go sit in the living room and catch up.” By doing this, you’ll avoid having your guests do that awkward freeze thing right when they walk in. Once they take a seat, ask if they’d like something to drink.

Finish setting up before your guests arrive

You can bet that if your guests have to watch you clean your kitchen counter or finish making up their bed, they’re going to feel completely uncomfortable. Take enough time before they arrive to ensure everything’s ready.

Set out extras

Provide necessities like a set of towels for each guest, but go above and beyond by leaving out some extras they may need. An easy way to do this is to have a basket and fill it with things like disposable razors, floss, and travel-size bottles of toothpaste, lotion, and shampoo. Don’t forget to leave at least two extra rolls of toilet paper in an obvious place, too.

Get rid of clutter

Walking into a home that’s overflowing with stuff can make a guest feel like you weren’t ready to have someone over. Make sure everything, from kids’ toys to laundry, is in its place.

Anticipate needs

Put yourself in the shoes of your guests: If you were away, what would make you feel more at home? Ask if the temperature’s comfortable, set out some snacks, offer up your washer and dryer if your guests have been traveling for a few days. Don’t forget to include a powerstrip in their room so they can charge their phones and laptops.

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