The Do’s and Don’ts of Bathroom Lighting

A thoughtful, expertly designed lighting plan can provide years of beauty and functionality in your bathroom setting. Bathroom lighting helps set the mood for a relaxing space to unwind, while also allowing you to complete everyday grooming tasks efficiently. Consider these “do’s and don’ts” in your new home or your next bathroom renovation.

DO Light in layers

As with any room of the home, be sure to consider task, ambient and accent lighting – but this is especially important in the bathroom. As the room where you start and end your day and complete everyday tasks, lighting is an extremely important design element. A single fixture isn’t enough – complete your design with recessed fixtures, wall sconces and vanity lighting.

DON’T Shy away from fashionable pieces

The bathroom isn’t just about function – a fashionable fixture such as a bold chandelier makes for a stunning centerpiece. Don’t shy away from fixtures that make a statement.

DO Add lighting in your shower

The desire for a layered lighting design in the bathroom has lead to a need for lighting in the shower. Wet-located, recessed fixtures – especially those that contribute to an energy efficient approach – are ideal. Progress Lighting’s P8022 series is an LED fixture classified for wet locations and designed for recessed and flush mount applications. The sleek and simple profile mirrors the bathroom design trend to incorporate simplistic, but functional, elements into the bathroom.

DON’T Choose fixtures with exposed bulbs

While this is a popular design trend, save this style for your kitchen, entryways and bedrooms. For the bathroom, you want to diffuse light through opaque lamp shades for smooth, even illumination.

DO Consider energy efficient lighting solutions

With new government regulations and increased awareness of the value of green design in home building, energy efficient lighting options are mainstream. Fixtures that beautifully conceal CFL lamps, incorporate GU24 lamp and base sockets, or feature LED sources are trending lighting solutions for the bathroom.

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