The ever-popular outdoor room

We recently read a survey conducted by Casual Living magazine and Consumer Reports on the popularity and preferences on outdoor rooms of the home. By definition, this is any outdoor area that’s been converted into a comfortable living space and is used for grilling, relaxing and entertaining.

Here are a few of the findings we found most interesting:

  • 7 out of 10 consumers have an outdoor room, or are creating one
  • The grill and outdoor dining set are the leading two outdoor products
  • Outdoor lighting is listed as one of the top 10 leading products/features consumers want to add
  • The majority of consumers classify their main decorating style as casual
  • Two-thirds of respondents prefer traditional styles over more modern ones
  • Designers explain that outdoor color should be based on existing environments and an extension of the interior color palette
This outdoor room features Progress Lighting's Nantucket collection

To our blog readers: Do you have an outdoor room – or are you planning one? If so, what’s your favorite feature? What would you like to add to this space?

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