The Evolution of the Ceiling Fan

The ceiling fan has long been a staple in the average American home. Much like the refrigerator or oven in your kitchen, the fixtures have been purely functional for years and not intended to make an aesthetic statement. Until recently, fans were only available in white for the purpose of blending in with the ceiling and surrounding room.

Ceiling fans without the light

More recently, ceiling fans without light kits have become popular in high-end designs. Rather than relying on a ceiling fan to provide the primary source of illumination in a room, the trend uses layers of different fixtures – like pendants, wall sconces and lamps – for lighting. The ceiling fan’s only job is to circulate air.

Whether you prefer direct lighting from a ceiling fan, or if you just want a set of blades, both options are becoming widely available. Ceiling fans with light kits can also be controlled by a dimmer so you can adjust illumination levels and set the room for a particular mood.

The new lighting focal point of a room

Consumers today have a “less is more” outlook on purchasing decisions, and lighting fixtures are expected to not only be functional, but decorative as well. As a result, ceiling fans have begun to take the leap from simple appliances to fully functional and fashionable elements that complement other home accessories within a space. For example:

  • Modern ceiling fans are no longer meant to blend in with existing décor.
  • Ceiling fans can serve as a statement piece or even the focal point of a room.
  • A wide variety of these fixtures are now available with different styles and features, including hand carved blades and natural elements.

Many Progress Lighting ceiling fans are available in a variety of finishes, like Brushed Nickel and Antique Bronze, and blade options such as Natural Cherry or Silver. The ability to mix and match these combinations with light kit styles allows for a completely unique and personal experience – based on individual preferences and current home décor.

We find it refreshing that the ceiling fan has been reinvented into a style-driven accessory, without losing its function. We strive to incorporate this shift in our ceiling fan designs.  A few examples:

Bratenahl (P2510-09) in Brushed Nickel with reversible Cherry/Natural Cherry blades
Trevina (P2514-09) in Brushed Nickel with Silver blades
Barcelona (P2504-92C) in Iron Crackle with Waxed Cherry blades

What do you think of the evolution of the ceiling fan? Where do you see the trend going?

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