The sustainable outdoor room

“Outdoor rooms” are an extension of the living environments within our homes. And these spaces are increasingly designed with a strong focus towards sustainability.

An article in a recent issue of Residential Design + Build shares how using the right materials can help home owners save on water consumption and electricity costs.

  • “Green roofs” utilize plants to control the ambient temperature through shading, creating oxygen and reflecting heat.
  • Installing plant material “on” buildings can help manage weather changes that affect a building’s temperature.
  • Using native plant material in landscapes can naturally reduce water consumption, reduce the need for pesticides and minimize a project’s overall maintenance requirements.
  • Many irrigation systems can be used with smart controllers that monitor the needs of plants.

Do you use any of these sustainable practices in the outdoor rooms of your home? What green materials would you add to this list? Let’s continue the conversation on making outdoor living beautiful and efficient!

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