Three Hot Décor Trends for 2021

Make a New Year’s resolution to refresh the look of your home by trying some of the latest design trends. For 2021, three hot décor trends we’re seeing include a focus on contemporary forms, more emphasis on organic warmth and materials, and a fresh approach to traditional design. Here’s some insight into these top décor trends, plus some tips on how to curate each look to get it just right. 

A Focus on Form
We’ve said it before; you can have both form and function in a beautifully designed room, especially with the new design options that small and flexible LED light sources offer: no light bulbs are necessary. Instead, small LED chips emit light across diffuser material like acrylic tubes or sheets, making sculptural lighting designs possible.

Sculptural LED lighting plus a uniquely designed ceiling fan take center stage against a dark neutral backdrop in this modern space.

Get The Look:

  • Use a ceiling fan to punctuate the ceiling’s design. The Willacy ceiling fan swirls ribbon-like blades around a gleaming center hub is the epitome of form and function.
  • Comfortable seating is a must. Over the sofa, the Kylo LED multi-light pendant presents a contemporary splash of minimalist style as it cascades downwards in an arrangement of seamless light.
  • Abstract wall art against a subtle feature wall lends pops of blue. A pair of clean-lined Clarion wall sconces offer reading light and added style.
  • In the dining area, the Kylo chandelier adds drama with sleek metal bars capped with solid tubes of light that hang in a stunning asymmetrical form.

Naturally Inspired Design
Today’s society has a more conscious approach to sustainability, the environment and a desire need for the peaceful effect of nature in one’s surroundings, indoors and out. Take a naturalistic approach to modern room design with organic décor using natural materials to add warmth and lightness to home decor.

Get The Look:

  • Paint the walls a soothing sky-blue and pair with a clean white color palette to create a calming backdrop punctuated with organic accessories, clear glass touches and statement-making lighting.
  • The stunning Mariposa chandelier has an organic form balanced by the minimalist lines of its multi-directional light arrangement, making a striking focal point.
  • The clear glass shades and oversized silhouette of the Clarion pendants above the island offer a simple form and functionality that complements the serene setting.

A Perfect Blend of New and Old
New Traditional style offers a refreshing update of formal interiors by balancing the best of modern and traditional style. Classic furnishings are juxtaposed with contemporary décor to make a room comfortable yet upscale, offering a sense of livable luxury.

Get The Look:

  • Pair a crisp white color scheme with elegant furnishings and accessorize with warming wood to transform a room.
  • Place a minimalist chandelier like Kellwyn, whose classic frame is re-interpreted in a slender form over the dining table.
  • Finish the look with an updated traditional wall lantern such as Stature adds a bold modern touch with clear glass doors highlighted by an unexpected, classic detail of cross-hatched brass accents.

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