Tips on lighting your kitchen

We’re big fans of “How To” tips and ideas for lighting interior spaces, so we were excited to come across this short article and video on

When used correctly, lighting can improve the appearance of a room. Consider adding a variety of illumination sources to add depth, aesthetics and functionality to your kitchen:

  • Pendant Lights: These light fixtures extend down from the ceiling, and are a good way to provide direct lighting to an island or bar.
  • Sink Lights: A fixture is often installed directly over the sink to provide lighting while working.
  • Under Cabinet Lights: Small light fixtures can be installed under hanging cabinets to provide direct lighting to countertops.
  • Recessed Lights: Ceiling mounted recessed light fixtures can provide lighting around the perimeter in a kitchen as well as throughout the room.

Progress Lighting offers a variety of fixtures such as these – and more – to meet any home decor style.

This pendant from our Bravo collection works well over kitchen islands and dining areas.
An LED under cabinet light is an energy efficient way to illuminate counter spaces.

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