Top 5 Home Design Trends for 2016

  • Last week at the International Builders’ Show, we had the great privilege of hearing from the Design Director of HGTV HOME – Nancy Fire. If you’ve ever been captivated by the charm, style and intrigue of home settings and products on HGTV or – you can thank Nancy. In an informative and engaging presentation on the top 5 home design trends of 2016, it was clear that Nancy’s careful attention to detail and vast industry knowledge has been an invaluable asset to the HGTV team.
  • Nancy has traveled the globe far and wide, attending fashion and home industry shows while scouring top designers, manufacturers and influencers for the hot trends shaping the residential design scene. In a riveting presentation at the Builders’ Show, Nancy detailed her discoveries:
  • Trend 1: Luxury
  • Home Design Trend: LuxuryUpdating classic home decor with rich fabrics that are plush and sophisticated creates a feeling of decadent style. Rich metallic finishes and materials like copper, marble and guilded accents provide a fresh take on product design. Textured metals are complemented with woods and deep colors.
  • Trend 2: Artisan Blues

Home Design Trend: Artisanal Blues

  • Artisan Blues celebrate a spirit of creativity and unique authenticity. Imperfect tiles and ceramics splashed with shades of deep indigo and royal blue fit into the Artisan Blue category. Nancy Fire used the phrase “imperfect is the new perfect” to characterize the craft-like style, irregular shapes and uneven glazed and ombre surfaces that define products within this trend.
  • Trend 3: Color Me Happy

Home Design Trend: Global Guru

  • When talking about color trends for the new year, Nancy Fire said “don’t be afraid of using color.” From appliances to fabrics to furniture – bright, playful and vibrant hues are in. More popular among millennials due to the fun, young and carefree feel, this trend adds a bold and unique flair to everyday style with DIY furniture, updated finishes and painted styles. Embroideries add a unique dimension to upholsteries, draperies, bedding and wallpaper.
  • Trend 4: Global Guru

Home Design Trend: Global Inspiration

  • The Global Guru trend encourages the mixing and mingling of prints, colors and textural finishes for a lively design. Global interiors celebrate different techniques from hand painted ceramics to woven baskets. Warm jewel tones are often mixed with neutral accents – creating a diversified palette that speaks to world travelers.
  • Trend 5: Nature’s Bounty

Trend Alert: Nature's Bounty

  • Natural fibers and raw woods can be found in homes displaying the Nature’s Bounty trend. Described by Nancy as “the collaboration of mankind working in tandem with Mother Nature,” natural elements like crystals and gem stones are used in lamp, coaster and tableware designs. Products with organic inspiration are key to Nature’s Bounty.