Traditional charm and eclectic style collide in a unique bungalow remodel

  • When Lee and Liz Lowry learned they were pregnant after just a few short months of marriage, they knew it was time to kick their home remodel plans into high gear.


  • The couple had recently purchased a quiet 1920s bungalow style home in the heart of a young, trendy neighborhood in Charlotte, N.C. – which they were also sharing with Liz’s two stepchildren and mother. While the community-driven area is what caused the couple to pull the trigger on the home buy, with just two bedrooms, one small “scary” bathroom (with a pull chain jelly jar light) and the Lowry’s expanding family – the couple needed to make some changes. And according to Liz, they needed to make them fast.


  • As Liz and Lee prepared to add on two bedrooms and another full bath, TV host and interior designer Vicki Payne caught wind of the family’s design dilemma. To the family’s surprise, not only was Vicki up for the remodel challenge, but she also wanted to feature the project on her next season of the popular TV series For the Home with Vicki Payne.


  • New Twist on Old Style


  • According to Vicki, “the challenge here was to create an attractive and functional design that met the Lowry’s needs and reflected their unique style, but still maintained the arts and crafts personality of the neighborhood.” The solution? Vicki calls it a “new twist on old style.”

Eclectic Craftsman Bungalow featuring Progress Lighting

  • “The personality of the owners really shone bright in the final design,” said Vicki. “You move from different finishes to different styles of lighting in each room – pulling in modern and transitional looks, but still maintaining that craftsman feel throughout. It was an eclectic result that fit perfectly with the Lowry’s multi-generational story.”


  • The Jewelry of the Home


  • An open-concept dining area, positioned just off the kitchen, was convincingly one of the most outstanding areas of the home. “The Flourish chandelier has these soft amber shades, crystals and a warm hand rubbed bronze. It ties in the dark colors in the fireplace and really unites the space,” commented Vicki.
Flourish Chandelier in an Eclectic Craftsman Bunaglow
Flourish Chandelier
  • “It’s the jewelry,” added Liz. “I don’t always think of Progress as a brand with such detailed or designer oriented pieces, but this is one of my favorite focal points of the home.”


  • The kitchen displays a beautiful layered lighting design with LED recessed cans and the Fresnel pendants above the island. “I was surprised at how seamlessly the LED and incandescent lights coordinated with one another,” said Liz. “The color and quality makes it easy to incorporate more energy efficient lights in your home.”
Fresnel pendants
Fresnel Pendants
  • The Blending of Elements


  • The master bath took on a classic, original style with modern updates. The black and white tile floor speaks to the home’s traditional charm. Big, bold mosaics in the shower and the Fortune chandelier bring in a contemporary feel. Contrasting pale apple green walls mimic the vibrant color scheme carried throughout the house.
Fortune chandelier
Fortune chandelier
  • The laundry room greets you with a bright coral hue, a black washer and dryer and Progress Lighting’s eye-catching Bingo collection. “I wanted to do something crazy. No one likes doing laundry,but the Bingo light makes it fun,” said Liz.
Bingo close-to-ceiling


  • While certain areas are more contemporary, the exterior of the home maintains the old, charming style that defines the neighborhood. With elegant Cadence lanterns accenting the front façade, the Lowry’s also added a second side porch for an enjoyable and beautiful outdoor living environment.
Cadence lanterns
Cadence lanterns

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 10.58.05 AM

  • A Changing Perception


  • Progress Lighting’s extensive line of finishes and styles was key for illuminating a home that embraced such unique personalities from room to room. “The lighting was a good way to bridge together these different styles and colors. We had a lot to choose from,” said Vicki.
Oasis vanity


  • Working her job in the Ferguson showroom, Liz shared that she now readily recommends Progress Lighting to her customers. She also noted that the availability and affordability of products make the brand a great solution for a large demographic of homeowners and remodelers.


  • “This project really changed my perception of Progress,” said Liz. “In the past, Progress wasn’t my go-to brand, but I was pleasantly surprised with the variety and richness of fixtures. You can get a stylish, affordable light that’s good quality for any room of the home.”