Trend Alert: Urban Industrial

Fresnel Lens Kitchen Lighting P5188-108

Raw materials, a monochromatic palette, metal fixtures and modern furnishings are all details that describe the industrial trend. Preserving the historic elements of a building creates the desired urban appeal for this particular style. Here are some industrial-inspired facets experts pay attention to:

Fresnel Lens Kitchen Lighting P5188-108
Fresnel Lens Kitchen Lighting P5188-108
  • Raw materials
  • Existing elements like metal, steel, concrete, brick and wood are best left alone to create this raw, unfinished look. Exposed brick, steel columns, wrought iron railings and concrete floors combine to achieve a warehouse feel that characterizes the industrial style. Designers will pair wood and metal, concrete countertops and stainless steel appliances to enhance the look.


  • Monochromatic color scheme
  • A monochromatic, or consistent color palette comes naturally when incorporating elements like concrete, steel, metal and wood. Designers will often keep the look going by painting walls neutral colors.


  • Metal pendant lighting
  • Wrought iron elements and and fixture finishes like Antique Bronze and Brushed Nickel add to industrial style. Pendant lighting with Edison bulbs is also popular, and designers often use rustic warehouse-style fixtures to complete a room.


  • Sleek, modern furnishings
  • Incorporate rustic metal shelving and cabinets, and choose sleek, modern furniture to tie the other elements together.