Update: The phase out of the traditional light bulb

We recently wrote about the legislation behind the phase out of traditional incandescent bulbs. Since then, we’ve seen a variety of articles that not only outline the new regulations, but also describe how people are responding.

To start, some are under the assumption that the incandescent bulb is being outlawed by the federal government. But here’s what’s really happening: It’s a planned phase out of today’s general service 40W, 60W, 75W and 100W incandescent bulbs from January 2012-January 2014. The law will simply set new standards that today’s bulbs will not be able to meet. The new regulations are also technology-neutral so any light source that meets these standards can be used – including CFL, halogen, high efficiency incandescent, LEDs, etc.

Some folks are simply opposed to this change. We came across one article describing how people are stockpiling traditional incandescents to avoid changing light sources in their homes. But in reality, there’s no reason to keep old incandescents unless you prefer paying higher electricity costs.

Despite the hoarders, another news story explains that, according to a recent poll, most Americans are o.k. with the changes. In fact, 71% say they have already replaced standard bulbs in their homes with CFL or LEDs alternatives.

So, have you heard any incandescent hoarding stories? Or are you opposed to the new legislation and stockpiling bulbs yourself? If so, what reasons do you have for holding back?

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