Welcome! 3 ways to create an inviting foyer with lighting

Inviting Entryway Lighting

First impressions are lasting – which is why it is important to greet your guests with beauty and sophistication as soon as they enter your home. A cluttered, poorly lit entryway can greatly affect the perceived value and design quality of the rest of your home. Ensure that friends, family and visitors are warmly welcomed by installing lighting that will not only illuminate the space effectively – but also, further the design of your home.

Vintage Pendant

A statement pendant in the entryway can offer a stunning focal point. The new Marque collection doubles as a source of light and work of art.  This new fashion pendant collection exudes a chic sophistication. With antique textured glass and an Antique Bronze frame, the vintage pendant can be used as a sleek substitute for traditional chandeliers in a variety of living spaces.

Add vintage flair to your entryway with an oversized statement pendant. Marque by Progress Lighting.

Sophisticated Chandelier

Chandeliers are common for foyer areas – but selecting a fixture with a little extra sparkle can bring added glamour to your entryway. If your foyer has natural light, a fixture with cascading beads may create a beautiful effect through reflecting light. The Nissé collection is a stunning example of a chic, yet sophisticated, fixture that can really make your entryway shine.

Add glam to your entryway with a sparkling chandelier | Nisse by Progress Lighting

Inverted Chandelier

A contemporary spin off a classic chandelier is an inverted, caged light – such as the Caress three-light fixture. A distinctly shaped frame creates a stunning spectacle to greet guests upon their entry. As with most rooms of the home, a well-designed layered lighting plan is key to create a warm, welcoming environment. Pair a chandelier with a matching wall sconce to complete your entryway lighting set-up.

A distinct, modern chandelier creates a stunning display in your entryway | Caress by Progress Lighting

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