Welcome home! 5 tips to create an inviting entryway with lighting

When homeowners start the remodeling process – their minds naturally go to the most-used areas of the home (we think kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, great rooms, etc.). More often than not, the entryway gets overlooked as a key design area, when in fact, this space is one of the most important rooms in the home (specifically from a style perspective). Not only does the foyer serve as a functional space to welcome guests, but it sets the tone for the level of design that is carried throughout the rest of the home. Since illumination largely defines the atmosphere of a room, be sure to follow these 5 tips to create a welcoming entryway with the right lighting.

  • 1. Use a dimmer. Calming lighting in the entryway can be used to help relax guests and homeowners as they enter the home.



Elegant and whimsical elements collide in an entryway defined by Progress Lighting's luxurious Nissé chandelier and the glimpse at the chic sea foam color scheme.

  • 2. Have a central focal point. Or two. Complete your entryway with a statement painting, piece of furniture or light fixture.
  • Piedmont Foyer PFD3. Consider indirect lighting. Especially for tighter spaces in order to make the space seem larger.


  • 4. Make sure your ceiling is an appropriate color. Yes – the ceiling, not the walls. When using indirect light sources the color of your ceiling will be brought to life.

Haven_Foyer H

  • 5. Stay away from the “runway” look.  Avoid putting downlights in a straight line down a hallway because that can often create a cold “runway” look.
Stephen Alexander Homes Foyer entryway
Image courtesy of Stephen Alexander Homes