What do you want to do at your kitchen island?

Kitchens are the gathering spots of today’s home – and islands are stylish workspaces that help make these areas efficient and inviting.

So, what do you want to do at your kitchen island? Knowing the goal of this space will help you design the perfect station.

  • Cook. An island meant for cooking includes appliances such as cooktops, ranges, microwaves and warming drawers. Make sure to consider your ventilation needs, too.
  • Prepare meals. Though it might have a prep sink at one end, an island used mainly for preparation needs a large, uninterrupted surface. A dishwasher is a great addition for post-meal cleanup.
  • Entertain. Space is key for an entertaining island. The countertop must provide ample surface for serving or dining. There should also be plenty of room for guests to mingle or be seated outside the work zones.

And, no matter what you want to do at your kitchen island, the proper lighting is key. We recommend illuminating this area with downlights, track lighting or a series of decorative pendants.

Let’s keep talking! What is your favorite thing to do at your kitchen island? What would you love to add to this space to make it more functional and inviting?

Source: Better Homes & Gardens – Kitchen and Bath Ideas

This kitchen island is ideal for preparing meals - and illuminated with Progress Lighting's Archie pendants.

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