What does your outdoor lighting say about you?

Probably more than you think! Outdoor lighting allows us to show off our individuality, portray our attention to detail, highlight the favorite features of our homes, gracefully entertain, and more.

With a few simple lighting techniques, you can make your home and yard look beautiful all year long – while shining a light on your (and your home’s) distinct personality.

  • Make sure the path to your door is adequately illuminated. The boxed sets of solar-powered lanterns hardly do the trick, achieving what is often referred to an “airport runway look” in the lighting industry.
Image featuring Progress Lighting's Mission path lights
  • Visit your local lighting showroom for a consultation. Outdoor lighting is typically not a DIY endeavor. Lighting experts are trained to locate key elements of your landscape to create the most visually appealing setting.

  • Evaluate how different light sources create different effects. Halogen, LED and CFL lamps can change or enhance natural colors. How you position fixtures can also visually improve your landscape by creating dramatic shadows that convey texture.
Image featuring Progress Lighting's Penfield collection
  • Choose decorative fixtures that suit the architecture of your home. Avoid floodlights while you are entertaining. If you enjoy entertaining in your backyard, patio or deck – you won’t believe how much better you’ll love that area when it’s lit properly.
Image featuring Progress Lighting's Prestwick collection

Whichever method or products you choose, illuminating your property the right way will make all the difference in making your home stand out.

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