Which Lifestyle palette is for you?

You may remember we introduced our Lifestyle palettes for 2011, and you might have seen these Progress Lighting families in our new catalog. But do you know which Lifestyle is right for you?

We designed our Lifestyle palettes to help connect your lighting fixtures to the environment you have created in your home. You may have a preference for bold and modern accessories, and fixtures in the Loft group best suit your tastes. Or maybe you’ve created a “livably luxury” vibe in your home and you’re drawn towards collections in the Grace palette.

Whatever home decor taste, Progress Lighting is here to help you match your style with a name and a set of fabulous lighting fixtures from which to choose.

By taking a few minutes to fill out the quiz on our Facebook page, we can let you know which Lifestyle palette we suggest for you based on your answers.

Once you know whether your style fits in Loft, Transcend, Relax, Elements or Grace, check out our photo albums on Facebook for images of a few fixtures from your palette. You can also browse our latest catalog online to view Progress Lighting’s full offering.

So which Progress Lighting Lifestyle palette are you?

Clayton from the Elements family
Haven from the Transcend group
Flirt from the Relax palette
Chanelle from the Grace collection
Calven from the Loft palette

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