Why lighting outdoor areas is so important to aging-in-place design

How Outdoor Lighting Helps Aging in Place

Studies show that aging individuals desire a smaller home, but they want size when it comes to their backyards. A big reason for this is to provide privacy from neighbors. With bigger outdoor spaces, it’s important that these areas are well lit for visual appeal, but also to enhance safety and security.

Why outdoor lighting areas are so important to aging-in-place design

When designing an exterior lighting plan for an aging-in-place home, consider the following:

  • Low maintenance solutions: Maintenance can be very challenging for seniors due to reduced physical ability, health issues or budget constraints. Eliminate the need for bulb changes by outfitting exteriors with LED lighting solutions. LEDs are designed to last for decades – making them a great, low-maintenance solution for aging individuals who may be unwilling or unable to replace outside light fixtures.
  • Sensor lighting: Fixtures with sensors enhance safety and security for outdoor areas. Not only can sensor lights scare off a potential intruder, they can prevent accidents in outdoor living areas or along pathways.
  • Lighting along stairs and walkways: Install path lights, step lights or walkway lights to prevent slips and falls after dark.
  • Direct lighting: Exterior lighting fixtures that cast light downward are better than those that direct light horizontally. Avoid creating shadows to reduce tripping hazards

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